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Functional Medicine Practitioner Returns to Michigan

Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine Announces Addition to Staff

Natural Awakenings News: Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine Announces Addition to Staff
Mary E. Miller-Wilson

After a three-year employment/training program at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine and becoming certified in Functional Medicine in 2017, Mary E. Miller-Wilson, ANP-BC- returns to Michigan. Miller-Wilson, an adult nurse practitioner, formerly practiced at the Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills before being recruited to join the Functional Medicine staff at Cleveland Clinic. Upon her return to Michigan, she joined the staff of The Institute for Neuromuscular Medicine.

"Mary returns with valuable knowledge and experience gleaned from seeing the country’s most challenging cases at this renowned treatment center," says Physican Medical Director and CEO Dr. Hardik Shah. "Over the last ten years, Mary's approach to health has always been based on a melding of functional medicine and anti-aging medicine, looking for the underlying root cause of disease and assisting patients in being proactive about their health. Her understanding of Functional Medicine as unique and personalized allows her to assess all aspects of a patient’s lifestyle: genetics, environment, emotions, beliefs and social relationships, all of which directly influence health and disease."

Functional Medicine uses natural treatments for conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, auto-immune and genetic disorders, digestive illnesses and degenerative neurologic diseases.

"We are excited to have Mary join the Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine with her experience and skills," adds Dr. Shah. "She is eager to welcome new patients."

The Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine is located at 4300 Marseilles St., Detroit. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 313-290-2250 or visit their website at:

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